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Scientific Visualization
Issue Year: 2017
Quarter: 2
Volume: 9
Number: 2
Pages: 43 - 48
Authors: A.M. Win (Republic of Myanmar), I.N. Pavlov (Russian Federation), B.S. Rinkevichyus (Russian Federation)
Address: A.M. Win

I.N. Pavlov
The V.A. Fabrikant Physics Department National Research University “MPEI”, Moscow, Russian Federation

B.S. Rinkevichyus
The V.A. Fabrikant Physics Department National Research University “MPEI”, Moscow, Russian Federation
Abstract: New optoelectronic method for quantitative visualization of planar objects parameters using structured optical illumination (SOI) obtained by sources of coherent radiation and various diffractive optical elements (DOE) is proposed and developed. SOI is used in the form of an ordered grid of point radiation sources with given distances between them in this paper. Investigated flat object is fixed on the screen and illuminated by SOI. The resulting image is registered by a digital camera and then played back on the computer screen.
Detailed description of the measuring complex elements is presented, it consists of source of continuous coherent radiation with a wavelength of 0.552 ?m, DOE, which allows to obtain using a lens with a large aperture SOI in the form of the square matrix of thin radiation beams with known distances between them of 3.4 mm at the distance of 750 mm up to the screen.
Also, detailed description of the technique for visualization and processing of flat visualization images is given. This method of obtaining a photographic image of the flat object differs from the standard photographing. Along with obtaining an image of an object, information about the parameters of point sources in the SOI is recorded, it is subsequently used to determine the geometric parameters of the object under study. Examples of determining the geometric parameters of various planar objects: a rectangle, a triangle, etc. at their different positions on the screen are given.
This method of contactless determination of the parameters of flat objects can find wide application in various areas of modern technology. For example, in case of creation an automated system for contactless classification of objects by specified parameters.
Language: Russian

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