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Accepted papers

Computer visualization of the identify industrial clusters task using GVMap

E.V. Kozonogova, D.S. Kurushin, J.V. Dubrovskaya

Accepted: 2019-09-01


Model, calculation method and visual representation of residual stresses in laser sintering of metal powders

A.V. Koldoba, Yu.A. Poveschenko, M.V. Popov, R.V. Grishaev, F.Kh. Mirzade, V.G. Niziev

Accepted: 2019-08-22


Visualization of the variance boundaries for the polarization parameters of light on the Poincare sphere

Accepted: 2019-08-09


Visualization of the space of technological parameters of ceramic mixture shaping process as an object of bricks production automation

M.A. Nazarov

Accepted: 2019-07-31


Computer visualization in the course "Abstract algebra"

V.I. Varankina, E.N. Lubyagina, R.V. Markov, A.A. Petrov, D.V. Shirokov

Accepted: 2019-07-27


The research of the stereoscopic characteristics of virtual reality helmets

A.I. Vinokur, N.V. Kondratiev, Yu.N. Ovechkis

Accepted: 2019-07-27


Memory-effective methods and algorithms of shader visualization of digital core material model

M.V. Mikhaylyuk, P.Yu. Timokhin

Accepted: 2019-07-12


Reconstruction of interference and Hilbert structures from numerical models of the isotherm field in convective currents induced in a vertical layer of water by unsteady boundary conditions

V.A. Arbuzov, E.V. Arbuzov, V.S. Berdnikov, Yu.N. Dubnishchev, S.A. Kislitsin, O.S. Zolotukhina

Accepted: 2019-07-08


Fusion of motif co-occurrence matrix and local binary pattern based on intuitionistic fuzzy set for texture classification

C.-P. Yen

Accepted: 2019-07-01


A novel multiple-windows blending of CT images in red-green-blue (RGB) color space: Phantoms study

C. Anam, W.S Budi, F. Haryanto, T. Fujibuchi, G. Dougherty

Accepted: 2019-06-19


Spin Diode Based Microwave Registration and Holographic Visualization of Wave Front Scattering for an Autonomous Driving System

K.A. Zvezdin, D.R. Leshchiner, A.F. Popkov, P.N. Skirdkov, A.G. Buzdakov, G.N. Chepkov

Accepted: 2019-06-07


Visualization of a business plan

N.N. Krupina

Accepted: 2019-06-05


Generating a topological drawing of the flat part of a nonplanar graph

S.V. Kurapov, M.V. Davidovsky, A.V. Tolok

Accepted: 2019-02-01