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Accepted papers

A novel multiple-windows blending of CT images in red-green-blue (RGB) color space: Phantoms study

C. Anam, W.S Budi, F. Haryanto, T. Fujibuchi, G. Dougherty

Accepted: 2019-06-19


Spin Diode Based Microwave Registration and Holographic Visualization of Wave Front Scattering for an Autonomous Driving System

K.A. Zvezdin, D.R. Leshchiner, A.F. Popkov, P.N. Skirdkov, A.G. Buzdakov, G.N. Chepkov

Accepted: 2019-06-07


Visualization of a business plan

N.N. Krupina

Accepted: 2019-06-05


Agile Finite Difference Approach to Euler Elastica Visualization

E.V. Popov, T.P. Popova

Accepted: 2019-04-21


Activity approach in design of specialized visualization systems

V.L. Averbukh, N.V. Averbukh, D.V. Semenischev

Accepted: 2019-04-17


Generating a topological drawing of the flat part of a nonplanar graph

S.V. Kurapov, M.V. Davidovsky, A.V. Tolok

Accepted: 2019-02-01