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Accepted papers

On the development of aeroballistic experiment techniques for flow visualization

S.I. Gerasimov, V.I. Erofeev, V.A. Kikeev, K.V. Totyshev, E. G. Kosyak, P. G. Kuznetsov, R.V. Gerasimova

Accepted: 2020-12-01


Automated construction of a stereo image for results of mathematical modeling using the Multi-view StereoMaker software system

S.V. Andreev, A.E. Bondarev, N.A. Bondareva, K.A. Donskoy , V.A. Galaktionov

Accepted: 2020-11-24


Coronavirus infection study: bibliometric analysis of publications on COVID-19 using PubMed and Dimensions databases

A.Kh. Khakimova, O.V. Zolotarev, M.A. Berberova

Accepted: 2020-11-14


Water flow speed determining using visualization methods

D.A. Antonenkov

Accepted: 2020-10-22


Testing and Visualization of the Singularities of the Mutual Intersection of a Tetrahedron and a Quadric (Chasles' Theorem)

A. L. Kheyfets

Accepted: 2020-10-09


Combined signed distance calculation algorithm for numerical simulation of physical processes and visualization of solid bodies movement

S.A. Soukov

Accepted: 2020-09-12


Visualization of energy efficiency of using a material in a deformable solid

M.V. Chugunov, I.N. Polunina

Accepted: 2020-09-12


Optical Fiber Splicing Defect Segmentation Using Hybrid Active Contour

A. Azizi, Z. Azizi

Accepted: 2020-09-07


Evolution of Human Computer Interaction

V.L. Averbukh

Accepted: 2020-08-23


Computer visualization of ruled surfaces with imaginary directrix

V.A. Korotkiy

Accepted: 2020-08-18


Approach to conditioning improvement in scalar calibration problem for three-axis accelerometer module using visualization of measurement efficiency function

M. Grebenkin

Accepted: 2020-08-11


Visualization of coolant flow in the model of a nuclear reactor pressure vessel

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Accepted: 2020-07-20


Analysis of large visualization datasets for thermographic studies in fluid dynamics

I.A. Znamenskaya, A.M. Shagiyanova, E.Yu. Koroteeva, M.I. Muratov, P.A. Ryazanov

Accepted: 2020-06-27


Solutions to recognize the table structure by an image in the absence of a priori information

N.O. Besshaposhnikov, A.G. Leonov , M.A. Matyushin

Accepted: 2020-06-17