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Scientific Visualization
Issue Year: 2014
Quarter: 4
Volume: 6
Number: 5
Pages: 69 - 80
Authors: M.V. Mikhaylyuk (Russian Federation), M.A. Torgashev (Russian Federation)
Address: M.V. Mikhaylyuk
Institute for System Analysis, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Russian Federation

M.V. Mikhaylyuk
Institute for System Analysis, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Russian Federation
Abstract: The article presents the technique of realistic real-time visualization of complex devices’ dynamics in a 3D virtual working environment. The control can be set both directly (using a computer mouse or joystick, virtual or real control panels or over the network) and through the system of differential equations. The technique involves the real-time transmission of calculated coordinates of managed objects to the visualization system, where images of both dynamic model and the environment are synthesized with a frequency of at least 25 frames per second in either mono or stereo modes. Direct observation of the object's’ motion trajectories allows evaluating the adequacy of used control.
Regarded system provides visualization of three-dimensional virtual scenes created in the system of 3D modeling «3D MAX». In addition, for scenes containing up to 2 million polygons real-time mode is provided. The system supports ray tracing, stereo imaging, multi-channel network mode, special effects modeling, simulation of fire and smoke, complex animation of scene objects, scripting language, synthesis of text, morphing objects, skeletal animation, multi-port and multi-screen modes, synthesis of shadows from light sources etc. Stereo mode is implemented in several different modes: polarization stereo, anaglyph, shutter-glasses, head-mounted displays, and others. The visualization system uses OpenGL graphics library and runs on personal computers with the operating system Windows.
The proposed technology can be used to verify the adequacy of not only management, but also to choose the appropriate numerical methods for solving differential equations, as well as methods for simulation of dynamic elements.
Language: Russian

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