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Accepted papers

Visualization of CAE-solutions of ice navigation partial problems. Joint maneuvering of vessels

Vasiliy A. Lobanov, Yulia R. Guro-Frolova

Accepted: 2022-01-06


Graph visualization in the development of the knowledge testing program on graph theory

T.M. Kuzmina, O.A. Vetrova

Accepted: 2021-12-17


Software package for three-dimensional visualization of the behavior of neutron fields and archived parameters during the operation of the RBMK-1000 reactor

.. Bukalin, A.M. Zagrebaev, V.V. Pilyugin

Accepted: 2021-12-05


Irregular curves in engineering geometry and computer graphics

V.A. Korotkiy

Accepted: 2021-11-16