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Accepted papers

Visualization analysis of the results of continual-atomistic modeling of a Coulomb explosion in metals under the influence of ultrashort (fs, ps) laser exposure

V.I. Mazhukin, A.V. Shapranov, M.M. Demin, O.N. Koroleva, A.V. Mazhukin

Accepted: 2023-01-24


Visualization of liquids flows in microfluidics and plasma channels in nanosecond spark microdischarges by means of digital microscopy

V.A. Dekhtyar, A.E. Dubinov

Accepted: 2022-12-22


Computer and physical modeling for the estimation of the capability of application of convolutional neural networks in close-range photogrammetry

V.V. Pinchukov, A.Yu. Poroykov, E.V. Shmatko, N.Yu. Sivov

Accepted: 2022-12-05