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Scientific Visualization
Issue Year: 2014
Quarter: 3
Volume: 6
Number: 3
Pages: 111 - 114
Authors: S.A.Zhivotikov
Address: S.A.Zhivotikov
Advanced Research Foundation, Moscow, Russia
Abstract: This article is focused on intelligent technology of time-spatial (4D) dynamic scene reconstruction from a range of multiple plane (2D) images. It`s implementation will have a strong impact on information representation quality and will significantly improve situational awareness while combat, anti-terror and search&rescue operations.
Nowadays each significant event goes with a collection of photo and video materials made by its participants and viewers. The appropriateness of specified technology is confirmed by necessity of intelligent image processing and analysis automation facilitation. In general, obtained images substantially differ in quality, scale, shooting conditions, etc. Nevertheless, all of them refer to the same time-spatial context and are semantically related thus giving an opportunity to define events chronology and their time distribution.
This article provides technology requirements specification as well as description of its basic methods and algorithms. The importance of such tasks as data generation and markup for technology training and testing, evaluation methodology and quality criteria development is specifically mentioned in the abstract.
Finally, Advanced Research Foundation initiatives in defined research field are pointed out as well as international experience is described.
The technology of time-spatial dynamic scene reconstruction will significantly improve the efficiency of solving a wide range of national defense and state security problems.
Language: Russian

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