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Scientific Visualization
Issue Year: 2023
Quarter: 4
Volume: 15
Number: 4
Article Name Pages
Computer Vision Study of the Flow Generated by a Sliding Discharge
I.A. Znamenskaya, I.A. Doroshchenko, N.N. Sysoev
1 - 11
On Application of Canonical Decomposition for the Visualization of Results of Multiparameter Computations
A.K. Alekseev, A.E. Bondarev, Yu. S. Pyatakova
12 - 23
RLaMs-Dehazing: Optimized Depth Map Improvement Single Colour Image Dehazing
Sangita Roy
24 - 40
Application of Scientific Visualization in Low-Temperature Gas Discharge Plasma Modeling
V.P. Budak, I.I. Zheleznov
41 - 55
Gauss-Newton Method in the Problem of Optimizing the Axisymmetric Phase Function Calculation Based on the Hilbert Diagnostic Data
E.V. Arbuzov, V.A. Arbuzov, Yu.N. Dubnishchev, O.S. Zolotukhina
56 - 67
On the Application of Stereoscopic Technologies in Biological Research
S.V. Andreev, A.E. Bondarev, N.A. Bondareva, V.A. Galaktionov, S.D. Rykunov, M.N. Ustinin
68 - 76
Identification of Multiscale Vortex Structures and Transition Fluid Features in CFD and Numerical Astrophysics
V. D. Goryachev
77 - 91
3D Visualization of Asynchronous Many-Task Scheduling Algorithm
P.A. Vasev
92 - 111
Visualization of Calculations of the Discontinuous Particle Method in Problems with Viscosity
S.V. Bogomolov, A.E. Kuvshinnikov
112 - 123
Estimation of Sheet Deformation of Aluminium Blank using Non-Contact Methods on the Example of Erichsen Cupping Test
M.A. Petrov, D.A. Romashov, V.V. Isakov
124 - 139
Virtual Environments’ Knowledge Base: A Bibliometric Analysis
Wakara Ibrahimu Nyabakora
140 - 158