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Scientific Visualization
Issue Year: 2022
Quarter: 3
Volume: 14
Number: 3
Article Name Pages
Modeling of biological microreliefs using the method of photogrammetry (on the example of cycloidal scales)
M.L. Tyagun, T.A. Khodzher
1 - 12
Software Package for Visualization and Modeling Based on BPMN Notation
N.D. Badanina, V.A. Sudakov, N.A. Yshin
13 - 28
Visual Management as an Effective Organizational Technology
N.N. Krupina
29 - 46
Visualization of Digital Transformation of Industrial Production into the Educational Process
V.A. Nemtinov, A.B. Borisenko, V.V. Morozov, Yu.V. Nemtinova, K.V. Nemtinov
47 - 62
Method of Visualization of Geoinformative Data: on the Example of Reference Archaeological Objects
O.A. Ulchitskiy, E.K. Bulatova, E.K. Podobreeva, O.M. Veremey
63 - 72
On the Visualization of Multidimensional Functions using Canonical Decomposition
A.K. Alekseev, A.E. Bondarev , Yu.S. Pyatakova
73 - 91
Single Image DnCNN Visibility Improvement (SImDnCNNVI)
Sangita Roy
92 - 106
Arithmetic in Functional-Voxel Modeling
Alexey Tolok, Natalya Tolok
107 - 121
The Role of Subjective Perception in Visualization, Controllability Hypothesis and Abstract Visualization
Alena Zakharova, Aleksey Shklyar, Evgeniya Vekhter
122 - 131
Overview of BSDF Reconstruction Methods for Rough Surfaces
V.G. Sokolov, A.G. Voloboy , I.S. Potemin, V.A. Galaktionov
132 - 151