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Scientific Visualization
Issue Year: 2017
Quarter: 1
Volume: 9
Number: 1
Pages: 26 - 40
Authors: V.Y. Romanov (Russian Federation), D.E. Namiot (Russian Federation)
Address: V.Y. Romanov
Lomonosov Moscow State University, Russian Federation

D.E. Namiot
Lomonosov Moscow State University, Russian Federation
Abstract: This paper provides an overview of methods for software metrics visualization. The main goal of this kind of analysis is an analysis of the quality of the software, as well as the integration of individual components (packages) in the complex software systems. For example, many modern software packages (open source software components) are quite large and complex software systems, so, their integration into any new project could be a very difficult task. The task becomes even more difficult if there is no access to the source code of integrated components. One of the most well-known visualization approaches for software systems is UML. However, there are many other visualization approaches which can be used for analysis of software packages. In our paper, we provide a survey of approaches for software metrics visualization. Software metrics is among of the most active areas of use relating to the software engineering. And visual analysis is one of the most commonly used tools here. As per visualization models, we present graph visualization and post-graph approaches. Presented in the article approaches to visual analysis software metrics should be included in the arsenal of researchers and practitioners in the field of software engineering.
Language: Russian

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