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Scientific Visualization
Issue Year: 2013
Quarter: 4
Volume: 5
Number: 4
Pages: 18 - 30
Authors: A. Bondarev (Russian Federation), V. Galaktionov (Russian Federation)
  The paper is recommended by program committee of 23rd International Conference on Computer Graphics and Vision GraphiCon’2013.
Address: A. Bondarev
Keldysh Institute of Applied Mathematic, Moscow, Russian Federation
V. Galaktionov
Keldysh Institute of Applied Mathematic, Moscow, Russian Federation
Abstract: The article presents a review of main modern trends for data visualization. We consider the data as numerical solutions of CFD problems. The main factors of influence are marked for these trends. The basic factor is intensive development of high-performance computing and parallel algorithms. The next important influencing factor is digital revolution which has happened in experimental flow dynamics. The revolution in experiments was caused by total transfer to digital technologies for flowfield images registration and visualization of experimental results. The third factor of influence is rapidly growing confluence of mathematical and numerical methods developed in different fields of knowledge. Considered trends of research appear due to the influence of these three factors. We consider the examples of computational approaches illustrating the trends. The examples include the search of space-time structures in flowfield, applications of adjoint equations for flow control, processing of multidimensional data appearing from solutions for parametric researches and optimizing analysis. The perspective of generalized experiment construction by integration of considered approaches is discussed. Constructing technology of future generalized experiment one should place visualization at the key point. Visualization would be used as a main tool for connecting of all approaches of such generalized experiment in a whole set.
Language: Russian